Panafax Help & Information

Below is a brief list of Panafax features and definitions to help you make an informed fax machine purchase. If you need further details or have a question not answered by this help page, feel free to give us a call at 800-992-5279 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

ADF: Automatic Document Feeder. This is the tray that you set your fax in for it to be transmitted. Just make sure you get an ADF with a large enough paper capacity to send your faxes.

Transmission Speed: This is how fast your fax is sent once your Panafax unit connects with the fax machine on the other end. This is expressed in "per page" terms.

Modem Speed: Modem speed conveys the same information as "transmission speed" above, it refers to how fast your fax is sent (in bits per second).

Memory: Fax memory is how much information the fax machine can store at one time. For example, if you are getting in multiple faxes, your machine can use memory to save a second fax while the first one is printing. Once you are out of memory, your fax machine cannot receive any more faxes until the memory is made available. Each MB of memory corresponds to approximately 60 industry standard pages.

Autodialers: Autodialers are "speed dials" for your Panafax.

PC Connectivity: PC connected Panafax units can also perform functions such as printing or scanning. Internet fax units are a special type of PC connected fax.

Internet Fax: Internet faxing allows for the user to route both incoming and outgoing faxes through the internet. On the incoming side, users can route all faxes directly to email, where they can be printed, deleted, or stored electronically. This feature also allows for quick distribution of faxes to the the appropriate party. On the outgoing side, the DX-800 and DX-2000 can send faxes out through the internet rather than the phone lines (call for details). Under the right circumstances, an Internet fax used in this capacity can pay for itself with just a few months of phone bill savings.

That's the basics! If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to consult you toward the right system.

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